How I make Sh50,000 daily from ‘KDF’ mandazi

Casper Nyagaka, the man behind popular Mandazi known as ‘KDF’. [Photo/ standard]

‘KDF’, the popular Mandazi in town is one among foodstuffs that are not only so delicious but also bulky in nature.

Meet Casper Nyagaki, the brain behind Kdf. It is four years down the line since he ventured into the business.

According to him, he got the idea from a certain friend of his in Uganda who was also making Kdf mandazi by then.

After inquiring more from him about the recipe, he took the initiative of starting the business in Kawangware. A move that made him succeed in life.

At first, the business was discouraging however it grew with time. A number of people used to queue every morning to purchase Kdf mandazi.

Currently, he has employed more man power who assist him in running the business effectively. The mandazi are sold everywhere in the local outlets. Surprisingly, he makes over Sh50,000 daily from Kdf mandazi.

“I started baking kangumu in 2014 at Kawangware area, the business was not bad but next to me was a Ugandan man who used to make softer ones.

“With time I realised he was giving me stiff competition and I asked for his recipe. But the Ugandan refused,” he told Citybiz.

“To understand more about my passion, my buddy travelled back with me and we set up a new shop in Huruma area, far away from my first competition,” he said.

“The staff works day and night to cook about 100,000 pieces daily. Preparation of KDF does not require much skill other than measuring and cutting the mandazi pieces into equal pieces,” he further narrated.



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