How to survive on a Ksh 20,000 salary in Nairobi Kenya


If you are in Nairobi Before you get a well-paying career, you have to start somewhere – at limited in most cases.
Normally, you might begin with a cheap paying job as the business assesses your subsistence or with an internship.

With many graduate trainee appointments and government internships in Kenya that are paying about Ks25,000, enduring in Nairobi, Kenya is not so difficult. Nevertheless, you will need to be very careful with your cash.

Let us simply say here that you get a net salary of Ks 20,000, do you believe you can handle it? Well, when you are smart enough, you will not just correctly manage the cash but also keep some more to begin a side hustle however little.

How is that working out? Let’s see below.


The very first rule is that you should nevermore live past your means of income. So, find a house in one of these estates where living is quite affordable like Mwiki, Kawangware, Pangani, Kangemi, Uthiru, Githurai or Kenyatta Market. Assure the estate is not very far off from your workplace though.

In those estates, you can find a good house each a single or bedsitter which is not over Ksh6,000. Electricity and water bills can hardly go over Ksh1,000. By now, you still got Ksh13, 000 remaining.


Note that we mentioned that you should study for a house not so far away from your work to decrease the cost of transportation. At least stay in a place that you don’t consume more than Ksh250 on fare. Consuming a maximum of Ksh250 each day for fare, you will finish up using Ksh5,000 for the entire month assuming you do not work on the weekends. So far so good. You now still got Ksh8,000 left.


When you are staying single, Ksh 3,000 is sufficient to buy food for the full month and refill your gas cylinder. Make adequate food for both lunch and dinner. Taking packed lunch is a way affordable compared to purchasing food because you can barely find a good meal that is below Ks150 shillings.

Other expenses

Let us say that you wanted a new shoe, have your hair prepared or send your parents some cash. From the Ksh5000 that is remaining, use Ksh2, 000 for before-mentioned uses or any emergency.


Having a Ksh20, 000 monthly salaries, you have no reason for not saving some money. After all the expenses as mentioned above, you are still left with Ks 3,000. Place it in your fixed savings account till it’s suitable to invest in a right side hustle.

Do not try to keep up with others

Sometimes people end up buying items because their friends have them or because they saw them with their favourite celebrity.

Separate wants and needs.

You might still not reach your desire even after cutting down on what you are spending so be wise.

Having such a budget, you will have accumulated Ksh36,000 by the end of each year, and even if they don’t continue your work contract, you will not be worthless.


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