” I made my first million while i was in college from this online job. My friends used to think am a son of a rich politician and this is how i made it,” 25 years old millionaire reveals the secret of his success journey.


Let me start by introducing myself, my name is George oduk and am young millionaire in Kenya. I started my business success journey while i was in college two years ago. I was brought up in a poor background where affording three meals a day was considered a luxury. I passed well in my high school exams and i got admission in Kenyatta university to study political science.

Life in college was real hard for me. I never used to get any financial assistance back at home because my parents were busy looking after my siblings. I remember going days without food and thats when i started looking for job that could help me raise some income at least to feed my self. One day while searching for online jobs that i could do, i landed on this awesome website called Zumo News and my life as never been the same again.

Zumo News is a news website that allows people to earn money through reading news, sharing on whatsapp and Facebook and affiliate commission when you invite people to join. To get started started all that was required of me was a laptop, internet connection and an Mpesa line for receiving payments.

After doing researching on how Zumo News works and reading on social media the way it had changed people’s lives i decided to give it a try. For the start they required Kes 1300 as one-time registration which i paid and started working immediately.

Within one week of joining Zumo News i made Kes 17,000 which i was i was able to withdraw directly to my Mpesa number. The next payment of Kes 51,000 came after second week of joining and within one month i had made more than Kes 125,000 clean money. I was really excited since i could tell that i had landed to an honest and legit online job.

The good thing with Zumo News is that you can work and get paid from anywhere and anytime since it does not take much of your time. I managed to earn my first million while i was still in College thanks to Zumo News. I have been working on this online job for 2 years now and i have achieved so much. I bought two cars, built a decent house for my parents and currently am saving to build my dream house. I have no plans of ever getting employed. With Zumo News i have managed to enjoy my life so much since i can afford to go for a vacation in any part of the world that i wish. I would recommend this online job to anybody looking to make an extra income online. It is real and legit.

If you wish to make some good money online, then Register on Zumo News and get started.


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