Is SportPesa back? Here are Latest updates about the online betting service


The Premier League is here with us. This means different things to different people across the globe. For some, it means a chance to enjoy as they cheer their favourites while to others, this is purely business. Wondering how? Betting has been one of the benefits enjoyed by those who love to gamble. For the citizens of Kenya, this raises the question, is SportPesa back?

Unfortunately, the answer is currently NO. However, there are ongoing discussions with the company’s stakeholders, the government, as well as the regulators. There is no specified time to resume, but the company promises to keep the fans updated.

When the solution to a particular problem is beyond what we can tackle, the only option is to wait patiently for the outcome. As much as we might keep asking is SportPesa back and show impatience and displeasure with the crackdown, there is nothing we can do but to wait for the involved parties to resolve their differences. To all the fans and other affected customers, let’s chill and see what transpires as we hope for the best.


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