Jacque Maribe Accuses Lead Investigator of Planting DCI Spy in her Cell


Jacque Maribe has accused the lead investigator in the murder of Monica Kimani of planting a spy inside her cell at Gigiri police station.

According to Maribe, one Mr. Kennedy Kenneth Omondi (K.K Omondi) was brought into her cell by the lead investigator Chief Inspector Maxwell Otieno.

“I suspect K.K. Omondi was planted by C.Insp.M. Otieno…to investigate and extract information. He probably thought I had something I was holding back whilst in fact I had disclosed everything,” said Maribe in a sworn affidavit.

Ms Maribe argues that K.K Omondi was the only male occupant allowed to mingle freely and interact with female detainees. This is despite a strict gender separation rule.

According to Maribe, the said officer was allowed to keep and use his phone and was not required to remove his shoes as did other detainees.

During Maribe’s detention, K.K. Omondi allegedly kept being brought for food from Java Restaurant which he consistently offered her but she declined.

This even as the rules clearly spell out that nobody is allowed to share food while in police detention.

The embattled Citizen TV journalist further alleges that aside from the special treatment that K.K Omondi enjoyed inside the cell, he also kept asking Jacque Maribe questions about the Monica Kimani murder case.

“I was advised by other detainees and security personnel to be careful with him in view of his interest in my situation,” said Maribe.

In the affidavit, Omondi was booked in on Sunday, September 30, 2018, which was captured in the Gigiri Occurrence Book.

Maribe adds that she saw one of the investigators, Mr. Ahmed, consulting with OCS and taking photos with his phone of the O.B entry presumably related to the said K.K Omondi.

“Immediately upon being checked in, the said K.K. Omondi told me he was arrested on drug trafficking accusations on the night of September 29, 2018 (2 am), that he lives in Kilimani, that he frequents a place called Rubi -Cut and that he knows my house in Royal Park,” said Maribe.

“He repeatedly asked me questions that were not in public domain including what kind of the investigating officer, C. Insp. M. Otieno is and that his house in Kilimani was searched and set upside down while looking for drugs in a similar manner as mine at Royal Park was case,” added Maribe.

Jacque Maribe and her fiance Joseph Jowie Irungu will remain in custody awaiting their bail application hearing on October 24, 2018.


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