Kenyan Lady Turns Street Urchin in Saudi Arabia After Losing Job


The family of a Kenyan woman wandering the streets in Saudi Arabia after a job deal went bad is appealing to the government to help bring her back home.

The situation of Everlyne Saliku Onamu has got her family members from Eshiru in Lurambi, Kakamega County worried and depressed.

She traveled to the Middle East country in 2015 in a moment which caused great joy to the family.

Everlyne was also determined to make good use of the opportunity of a chance of employment and could not wait to fly out.

Her elder sister, Irene Onamu indicated, “She was excited about the prospects of landing a job, which could enable her to support her children.”

Irene also indicated that the job offer for her sister also came for other women in their area through a hiring agency that is based in Nairobi.

The family, however, says that they did not have any much communication with Everlyne over a long period and they began to get worried.

Their efforts of contacting the agent in Nairobi proved unsuccessful making them worry about her situation in the foreign land.

Irene informed that they were almost losing hope of ever seeing her again when they learned that she was alive but living a deplorable life in Saudi Arabian streets.

“We recently learned that my sister was in big trouble when photos showing her wandering in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media, she looked fatigued, dirty, weak and lost,” stated Irene.

An inquest into the matter by the family led them to believe she had fallen ill while in Saudi in 2018; most likely mental illness. The outcome was that she did not only lose touch with the family but also got kicked out of her job.

The family communicated that Everlyne’s employer threw her without any care or pay.


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