Kikuyu Woman from Kiambu sells family land to start a Multi-million business,separate with husband of 7 years claiming he is too “Stingy.”


Mercy wangui was working as an accountant in some company in industrial area where she was paid a mere ksh 30,000 a month.She convinced her husband to sell their family land in order to start a business which he accepted. Early last year she met a friend who introduced her to some online job called Zumo News and her life has never been the same again.

Zumo News is a news website that allows its members to earn reading news ,commenting,sharing, posting news articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They generate revenue through advertisement and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis.

“At first i was very skeptical about this online job but after doing research and reading on social Media the way it had changed people’s life i decided to give it a try.Registering on Zumo News took less than two minutes and i started working immediately,” she said.

Within the first two weeks of join Zumo News Muthoni was able to earn kes 45000, which she withdrew via Mpesa. The second payment of kes 125,000 came after 21 days of joining.

“I was really excited after receiving the first payment.I never thought one day that i could be making some good cash while working  say one hour online.The experience was very magical.Within 3 months of joining i had already surpassed kes 600,000 a month in revenue which was more than my monthly salary,” she added.

“Don’t be fooled that Zumo News is a get rich scheme,it is not.For you to realize this results you must not only work hard but also work smart.Much of my income was coming from affiliate commission after inviting people to join Zumo News,” said Diana.

After working only for 6 months ,Muthoni decided to quit her full-time job as an accountant and concentrate on Zumo News.Currently on bad month she takes home not less than kes 1 Million.

“The easiest and most proven way of making money during this time of Corona Virus is Zumo News ,since it is really and proven.Am currently saving to buy my dream house in kilimani area.I have bought 3 cars with money i make from Zumo News and am also building my parents a good home back in the Kiambu. Zumo News is real and legit,” she narrates.

Actually as a company Zumo News is making most revenue since people are in quarantine and reading news online.You can take that advantage and start making some good money while at the comfort of your home.

“My main problem right now is my husband who has been jobless since last year and no longer provides for the family.I feel that i deserve a better man in my life.He recently borrowed me Kes 200,000 to start a business but i declined to give him though i had the money since it is the role of a man to provide,”she says.

Just last week wangui was arrested for assaulting is husband and father of her two kids. She had threatened to kill him.

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