Luo man rushed to Hospital after spending night in a hotel with two Kamba women. Family says he was exhausted after working hard the previous day.


There was drama in Langata as Middle age man by the name Mike oduor was hospitalized after spending a night in a hotel with two kamba women . However their claims that the man might have collapsed due to viagra overdose however the family claims it is because of exhaustion after working hard the previous day. We reached out to Mike via zoom so that he could narrate to us what exactly happened.

“I am a married man with two kids and the stories you are hearing around that i was with two woman in some hotel are really un true. I am a respected businessman in Nairobi and someone with malicious intention want just to tarnish my name. I just developed breathing difficulties while at home and my family brought me here using an ambulance but now am in the road of full recovery,” he said.

Asking about what kind of business he does and how he started, this is what he had to say.

“I was brought up in abject poverty in Kisumu where affording 3 meals a day was considered as luxury.I worked hard and managed to qualify to go to college where i studied Mass communication.After looking for employment in vain ,i ended up being a fish monger in lake Victoria.One day my young brother introduced me to an online job called Zumo News that he was doing and my life changed completely,”he narrates.

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“After doing research about Zumo News and seeing how it had changed people’s lives i decided to give it a try.To get started with online all you need is a smartphone,internet and Mpesa number for receiving payments.I received my first payment of kes 25,000 after 3 weeks of working on Zumo News.I was very excited and was sure i had landed on a legit online job.My second payment of kes 38,000 came after 6 weeks with much of the income coming from affiliate commission earned after inviting people to join the website”he says

The good thing about this online job is that it can be done from anywhere and anytime.With 2 hours a day you are good to start making good money.However success on Zumo News is not guaranteed,unless you are willing to work hard and smart.The secret is to understand how the system work and taking advantage of it.

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Zumo News is the best way to make money online especially this time of Corona virus where people are urged to stay home.

“I have diversified my business and ventured into real estate where i buy old houses which i refurbish and sell them at a profit. In a good month i can make more than Kes 3 Million both from Zumo News and real estate business,” he says.

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