Maribe’s Strong Arguments on Why She Deserves Bail


Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe has presentedher strongest arguments in an affidavit she filed asking to be released on bail.

In the application, Maribe stated that she has cooperated with the authorities on the case nine times in the past and that she intends to continue doing so even while out on bail.

Her affidavit further showed that she was not at the murder scene, not involved with the murder neither did she have prior knowledge of the late Monica Kimani’s demise.

She also explained that she has not been in communication with witnesses in the case and plans not to hinder the ongoing investigations in any way.


Maribe also mentioned that she is a single mother who has a young child aged four, who is likely to suffer the most in case she is denied bail.

The embattled journalist also noted that she had been very clear in her dealings with the investigators. She handed over her car and phone and availed herself for DNA tests all without warrants or summons from prosecutors.

The prosecutor had earlier advised the courts not to let her and Jowie Irungu out on bail claiming that they could interfere with ongoing investigations and that Irungu is likely to commit suicide.

Maribe, who has no prior criminal record, has spent 16 nights in jail awaiting the determination of the case.

She even offered to deposit her passport if warranted by the court and that she is a public figure in the country hence slimming her chances of defaulting on bail.

Maribe also detailed her meeting with Jowie and stated that on the night of the murder, he entered into her bedroom in tears and proceeded to shoot himself in the closet.


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