MEN Here are 6 SURE SIGNS your girlfriend has a Another Man on The side….[MUST READ]


The female species can be extremely cunning when it comes to hiding an affair from their baes. However, even the sly tricksters always leave trails and if you are keen enough, you will know if your woman is cheating. There are signs that are not so obvious hence you might misss them if you aren’t keen enough.

Even though no man likes to discover that his chic has designs on another dude, it happens..Here are signs that your girlfriend has a ampango wa kando.
1,She suddenly has an amazing sense of fashion
In case your girlfriend’s fashion change was a drastic change rather than a progressive shift, you have every reason to worry. If she was always a cheap attire girl but suddenly she’s wearing those stiletto heels and low-cut tops, she might be cheating. If she got a new job and has more money, you might drop your paranoia but if nothing major changed in her life yet she’s suddenly a fashion queen, then do something.
2. She gets too defensive
She keeps on getting worried that you might be suspecting her. Even when you ask her simple questions, she stutters and gets too defensive. You jolt her with a simple query like “What were you doing all that time?” and suddenly she’s ranting about you being a control freak. If she has a mpango wa kando,


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