Men Here are 9 Rules for Dating a Married Woman


Warning: Many men have been killed for carrying out affairs with married women. Many men have been beaten to pulp for it. And the women, same fate, plus a divorce. If you are doing it, chances are, that you will be caught or discovered. Let’s help you delay that event or help you evade it altogether.

This is a dangerous path. But it is a path that most men have found themselves. It happens. Married women are bored most of the time. Married men still want to feel like men. Single men love married women for the high that come with partaking of the forbidden, conquering what is unavailable. It happens…So, let’s avoid the tragedy that comes with it.

1.Never go to her House

For some reason, some men who are dating married women allow themselves into their houses. This is a dangerous thing to do. It is stupid and reckless. It does not matter whether the husband is working in Oman for Arabs or in Kampala for Ugandans or in a ship for a nine month voyage, don’t go to her house. You already don’t respect that man by sleeping with his wife, don’t disrespect his house too. Meet in hotels, go camping, have sex in club restrooms or in office cubicles if you must, just don’t take it to his house.

2.Always Shower After

When it comes to smell, women are way better than sniffer dogs. Get the scent of another woman off you. Take a shower before going home. Especially married men or men in relationships who are seeing other married people. Go to the gym, or take a shower at the hotel or take a shower at your office bathroom-in case you have one. And while you bathe, tell her to do so too. Better yet bathe together. There is an after sex smell that even naïve husbands can tell.

  1. No mementos

No pictures. No personalized gifts with your names on it- like a watch. Don’t do it. And while at it, no souvenir panties or beach T- Shirts. Let her not keep things that remind her of you. What her husband can’t see, won’t hurt him. Believe it or not, necklaces have broken marriages out here. The same goes to you too.

  1. Pay in Cash and destroy the receipts

Credit cards are good. Just not good for two people in an illicit affair. Receipts are not any better either. You are not documenting your affair, so burn the receipts or throw them into a river. You don’t want her husband finding a hotel receipt in her handbag or your wife (if you are married) finding credit card charges that make no sense- like a mid-day visit to a hotel room or weekend hotel charges when you went for a company conference.

  1. Go Dutch with the bills

Having an affair is a costly thing. Especially if you have a family of your own. There will be a dent in your finances. Unexplainable expenditures will raise eyebrows. To minimize the risk of being discovered by either of your spouses, spread the bills. Embrace the possibility of splitting bills. A damage of $150 is easy to explain than $300 spent on dinner. This is not a very male thing to do, but do it. Split the bills.

  1. Communicate like a spy
  2. Tell the woman: No phone calls to your cell phone or home phone. No emailing from home. Never ever email from the home computer. No emailing from her known email addresses. Create anonymous email accounts on Yahoo or Gmail and use them at work.

    When you do communicate, if it is written, delete it and instruct her to delete hers too. Delete photos, delete emails, delete texts, delete sent emails and drafts. And when you are done deleting, shred the recycle bin. Then delete your search history. There are far too many keystroke programs that can be easily used to record your computer activity.

    1. Stick to you routines

    Routines define us. It is very possible to predict the type of car you will buy next after you ditch your current machine. It is possible to know where you will be next week at 8 pm on Friday. It is possible to know the kind of perfumes you will wear next month or the kind restaurants you hang out in.

    Stepping out of your routine is a red flag and your spouse will definitely know that something is up. A man who has lived with a lady for 6 months or two years will be able to tell if his wife is dressing different to work, or if she changed her hair stylist.

    8. Tip well at the hotels you frequent

    Sometimes, being discovered or not depends on the guy who parks your car at the hotel you frequent. Sometimes the waitress at the restaurant you frequent may be the one to save your life when an angry husband or a private investigator shows up at the establishment with your photo or of the wife asking if you guys dine there often. Sometimes it is the lady who changes the bed sheets in the hotel rooms who will save your ass.

    9. Keep your feelings in check

    Honestly, we don’t know why you are doing this. Could be stress. Could be boredom. Could be excitement. Could be religion -heaven knows. Do you. But here is what we advise, do not develop adolescent feelings and confused ideas. Don’t try to take her from her husband unless that is what you want. Don’t try to own or possess this woman- her husband already took care of that.  Just enjoy her and her company… simple. Keep it that way.


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