Revealed!! DP Ruto could be Targeted In Sportpesa and Betin shutdown


Sources from the Interior Ministry told Kenyan News Day that CS Matiang’i was acting on intelligence that private companies such as Gamcode Ltd, which trades as Betin Kenya and operates the Betin brand, could not adequately explain their sources of capital forcing state agencies to place officials to step up their monitoring efforts for all their activities including tax evasion to match fixing.

Gamcode Ltd better known as Betin Kenya is linked to the family of Deputy President William Ruto and is the second biggest gambling company in Kenya after Sportpesa with betting shops in almost every estate and village in Kenya.

Matiang’i recent declaration that betting companies would no longer be allowed to operate without a tax compliancy certificate is now gives forensic investigators leeway to deeply probe the finances of Betin Kenya which is suspected of laundering illicit cash through sports gambling.

Acting under the orders of Matiang’i, County Commissioners have in the last few months consficated and destroyed illegal betting machines owned by Betin Kenya agents worth hundreds of millions of shillings.

Kenya’s sports industry was found to be particularly vulnerable to laundering schemes, largely because it earns revenue from numerous legit sources, including the proceeds from ticket sales, concessions, marketing and merchandise, sponsorship, advertising, and of course broadcasting rights for sporting events.

Billions of shillings are coming into sports mostly from advertisers, but also governing bodies and even government itself.

So rampant is the money laundering vice in Kenya that recently, the United States Department of State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs placed Kenya on a list of global hotspots for money laundering, citing insufficient controls on the circulation of dirty cash and the lack of laws against terrorism financing.


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