REVEALED!!!Sportpesa Might Operate Out of the Country after This Happened Between Them and Government


Yesterday a meeting between Sportpesa and Government official from Kra and BCLB bore no fruit as both sides maintained hard stands. Sportpesa owes the taxman  Ksh22.2 billion and all the government wants was a modality on how they will pay that tax even if not all at once. Sportpesa on its side remain adamant that they have been tax compliance and they wont pay any extra tax.

Sources within Sportpesa intimated that they company might be forced to operate overseas since it is an internet company like netflix,youtube,facebook and the like hence the government loose on the all tax it could have gotten from gaming company.But the major challenge for the company is how they will use the paybill number while outside the country since most kenyans are not conversant with other payment method except mpesa.

We will keep you posted on any developments


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