Ruto is Bidding for a position that will not exist in 2022-Mutahi Ngunyi

Is Deputy President William Ruto campaigning for a position that will not exist in 2022?

These were the words of political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi in his take on the growing calls for a referendum to change the Constitution.

“Are we headed for a Parliamentary system?” Ngunyi posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

ODM leader Raila Odinga has been leading the calls for the changes. He said the process must follow consultations between Kenyans and the Building Bridges task force.

The 14-member team was formed following Raila’s handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta which ended months of animosity over the disputed 2017 presidential elections.

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Ruto, on the other hand, has asked Kenyans to oppose the referendum if it is meant to create more positions for individuals.

On various occasions, the DP has dismissed the push for a plebiscite to usher in the changes as ‘idle talk’.

Whereas some Kenyans on Twitter vouched for a parliamentary system, others took the time to insult Ngunyi’s post.

“Parliamentary system with the kind of MP’s we have meaning basically we give them that power, then corruption and salary, perks increments will be the thing of the day,” @GatGathura said.

He added: “I don’t trust our MP’s at all, they are a dangerous breed.”

A parliamentary system is where the State’s Executive branch derives its democratic legitimacy from parliament, and is also held accountable to the same.

In a parliamentary system, the Head of State is usually a person distinct from the head of government.

“Go vote against it, when you sleep you already voted for it, just truth my friend…lala kwa raha zako bado,” @matthewondoro said.

@EdwinSomi said: “Referendum will go through whether we like it or not, wanjiku don’t have say any more. Period.”

“Those who campaigned for this constitution had tailored it for themselves, they did not anticipate someone who opposed it to be part of those who will be wielding power as the second in command,” @alchess said.

‏@OkutaOtienoDeny said: “The referendum is dead on arrival, Uhuru is playing tricks on Raila by promising him some useless” ceremonial president” post only to be thrown away before 2022, Ruto is going to be the president under the undisputed constitution.”

@Damahwilly said: “Explain to me why I can wake up to vote for a referendum which is going to take away my powers as Wanjiku. We the Wanjiku are the ones who will choose our leaders not the MPs.”

“Oh! We do! Very very serious…. The guys has predicted correct results better than tom wolf, prophets and imams combined,” @davis_mathers said.

@cafifSHK said: “I don’t think people take you that serious anymore.”

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta said in Meru that Kenyans are not interested in 2022 politics.

Instead, he said, they are more concerned about the steps leaders are taking to improve their well-being.


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