Sportpesa Latest News: Sportpesa to use Raila Odinga to intervene


Sportpesa has only one case pending in court and the decision on whether they will resume operations or not lie squarely on the court. If there won’t be positive result from the court this week, then Sportpesa will have to approach politicians for help. One of the politicians Captain Karauri will bank on is Raila Odinga, who has in several occasions been spotted wearing Sportpesa shirt as well as in major Sportpesa events.

Raila is currently the most influential politician in the country, his input will certainly boost the company’s chances of recovering its paybill number.

It’s a sorry state at Sportpesa as they stare at companies like Shabiki and Betika duplicating their work. Even with the duplication, Shabiki has gained ground and soon the company will have a huge stake in the gambling industry.


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