Sportpesa Latest News: This is the Exact Date Sportpesa will Be Back


Information we have received from Sportpesa is that the company will resume operations earliest 20th August 2019.If the case in court won’t favour Sportpesa, then gamblers should forget about the company resuming operations this month.

But the best thing is that Sportpesa withdrew sponsorship for local sports, which is a blow to the government. The Interior Ministry might accelerate talks to ensure Sportpesa resumes operations soonest time possible so as to continue sponsoring local clubs. It’s laughable that since AFC Leopards introduced their Paybill Number about a week ago, the club has not even collected Ksh100,000, most of the people required to contribute are gamblers, who are bitter with the government’s decision to close Sportpesa.

The government doesn’t care about local clubs, it’s hard for it to sponsor AFC Leopards, or Mahia and the local league, it’s only betting firms which would do so. That’s one reason Sportpesa will be allowed to start operating in Kenya.

We are also informed that Sportpesa Kenya is almost broke and soon several workers will be sent home until further notice. But the website will still be live. In the coming week, there will be two scenarios, either Sportpesa to give the highly anticipated positive announcement or to announce temporary closure of business in Kenya, but the announcement will depend on what the court will decide.



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