Sportpesa Latest News Today: The Company to Sack 500 Employees


Breaking news from Sportpesa indicates that the company is set to sack 500 employees end of this month. Already,the betting firm has notified its employees that they will be dismissed on 28 August 2019

A source at Sportpesa tells us that there is a lot of panic and discomfort within the organization. Some of employees who were earning up to Ksh 800,000 per month are even contemplating committing suicide because they see life has lost meaning. In 2018 Sportpesa was ranked among the best employers in the country. The average pay per month is Ksh 145,000. In this organization, a secretary pockets over Ksh100,000.

The major cause of dismissal is the stalemate between Sportpesa and the government over the implementation of the 20% tax.Sportpesa failed to implement the tax,arguing that it would affect its business, the government went ahead to close its paybill numbers. Ever since the numbers were closed, the company has lost over Ksh3 billion.

To make matters worse, it’s not Sportpesa alone that will sack employees, the other 27 betting firms will also follow suit.Betin alone had over 1,000 Kenyans depending on it,some even owned betting shops…all these people will go home.

The worst part is the withdrawal of sponsorship by Sportpesa.The institution announced yesterday that it won’t sponsor local sports in future. Knowing well how the government operates, it will be hard for Sports to grow in this country minus sponsorship.



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