Sportpesa News Today: Here are Shocking Things Happening at Sportpesa Right Now


Reliable source inform us that Dr Matiangi has been avoiding the likes of Captain Karauri like a plague. They have sought appointment over 3 times but the busy CS has never been found.

Last week, shortly after Sportpesa unsuccessfully sought audience with the CS, they approached some politicians to make noise so as the CS can hear but their efforts were futile. The company has even tried to approach the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has declined to convince the President to allow Sportpesa to get back to business.

The situation is so bad at Sportpesa that almost everyone is depressed. Workers, especially, those in middle level management and junior positions are demoralized after they realized that their only source of income will soon come to an end

What made it worse for Sportpesa is knowing that there are 10 betting companies whose licenses were renewed but have not resumed operations. The companies sought clearance from the betting and licensing board but have not gotten a feedback, they don’t know what to do next.

Sportpesa has already lost all the court cases, what is remaining is for them to comply fully with the regulations and pray that Matiangi will wake up in good moods and renew their licenses. As of today, there is no hope—everything is at stand still.



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