Sportpesa News Today: This is one reason why The Company is still closed


Sportpesa paybill numbers are still closed and it seems they won’t open so soon. One major reason why they have not opened is because of the 20% withholding tax which the government is demanding.Sportpesa does not want to implement the tax because they believe gamblers will be discouraged to bet, hence losing the business.

The government has stood its ground that all betting companies must comply with the new taxation policy which will affect punters. The distribution of tax between betting companies and gamblers is that the bookmakers will be deducted 15% of their revenues while gamblers will part with 20% of their total winnings. The point of contention is where the government intends to tax the principal amount, something that Sportpesa has contested.

Sportpesa has been told to sign an agreement with the government before they resume operations but the company has remained defiant even going ahead to hire top lawyers to argue their case in court. The case is still in court and if that’s what will determine whether the company will resume operations, then we have to wait until 19th of this month.



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