Having that body that is well accentuated, when you dress up in a figure hugging Ankara, just to throw Team Mafisi off balance, is what most ladies would give their all to get.But we know better than to sit back and wait for genetics to magically work on that tummy.You have to go out there and work for it.

Here is what you do to lose weight very fast.

1.Cut on your carb intake

The chapos, fries, mandazis that you keep consuming every now and then on a daily basis, could be ruining it all.Why not switch to traditional goodies like, Sweet potatoes, arrow roots, pumpkin, and the likes.

2.Drink up

8 glasses a day sounds like a joke, but if you really want to do away with the belly fat, water is the way to go.It makes you feel full so you won’t have to eat too much, reduces constipation and belly bloating.

3. Aerobics and cardio

It’s one of the most effective way in burning deep visceral belly fat, with up to 67 percent.Cardio improves the overall health of a person, strengthening the midsection and reducing waistline.Cardios include, running, walking, biking, rowing.

4.No sodas

Sugary sodas, fruit juices, energy giving drinks, like red bull, lucozade will make that tummy grow. These sugary drinks contain high contents of fructose a type of sugar that is converted into fats directly by the body.


You have to hit the gym, or invent one in your room.Sit ups, legups, donkey kicks, shuffles, squates, leg stretching,plunges, crunches, just to mention but a few, if done properly and often can helpyou tone your belly and body generally.

6.Refrain from alcohol

If you love beer, you got a problem.Alcohol is loaded with calories that are burnt by the body to generate fats which will settle around your stomach.Heavy drinking can accelerate the size of your kitambi.Avoid alcohol.

7.Eat proteins often

Eggs for breakfast will save your ass off gaining weight.The rate at which the body uses up calories from proteins is higher compared to carbohydrates. Fish, milk, protein shakes, will boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and fat gain.

8.Fruits and veggies

Using more fruits andvegetables along with whole grains is healthy. Helping control your weight is not the only benefit of eating more fruits and vegetable also it may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases.


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