UNBELIEVABLE..Here are Sportpesa Salaries in Kenya,a Secretary was earning 100K


Sportpesa was arguably the best employer in kenya this can can only be explain by the huge profit they were making each month.For a company that is barely 5yrs old that was really remarkable.

The average salary of a software programmer/IT expert at Sportpesa is Ksh 450,000 while data analysts earn Ksh 200,000.

Front office staff earn Ksh80, 000 while accountants pocketed Ksh.300,000.

A fresh graduate with a degree in computer science, business administration, statistics, economics or any other related course earns Ksh120, 000

Apart from the attractive salaries, the company also pays attractive bonuses every after three months. The bonus is usually three times your salary.

To join Sportpesa,you must have skills in computer programming,IT,data analysis,customer service and marketing.


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