UNBELIEVABLE!!! You Can’t Believe What’s Happening To Sportpesa, Matiangi isn’t a Joke


Giant betting company Sportpesa may not resume operations as soon as expected as talks between its shareholders and the government collapsed. On Friday Sportpesa engaged the government in a bid to resolve issues surrounding compliance and tax submissions but the talks collapsed after Sportpesa failed to provide exact figures relating to their annual income.

The government has already started investigating the company’s accounts to determine whether it’s indeed true that Sportpesa earned Ksh100 billion in 2018 as reported by international media blogs. The investigation could take weeks, meaning that Sportpesa will resume earliest August 2019.

On Monday 10 betting cites, among them Betway, were given a clean bill of health by the government and they will resume operations later this week. Sportpesa and Betin have a long way; the worst case is for Betin whose directors were deported back to Italy.

Sportpesa will have to negotiate with the government and if possible sell some of its shares to interested parties. They will also have to pay more than Ksh7 billion in taxes which are being demanded by the government.

Ever since last week we have been contacting Sportpesa to know the exact position of the company and here is the answer we received;

“There is hope because we in discussions with the government and relevant stakeholders and are positive that we will be back to full operation soon

We are not able to give you a timeframe, however, rest assured that when we resolve this, we shall notify you”


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