What Sportpesa Boss Told Employees That Broke Them Down


Yesterday, one of the managers was overheard saying,”We are really tired, we have lost a lot”.

The short statement almost broke the spirits of workers at Sportpesa.Already, some of the workers have left the company to newly formed betting sites. Shabiki, which is aspiring to take over from Sportpesa,has already poached a couple of employees from Sportpesa.

Today, some Kenyans wanted to know the progress and here is what they were told:

SportPesa Care Good afternoon Nzuki, we wish to refute claims that our business is closing down. We are in discussions with the government and relevant stakeholders and are positive that we will be back to full operation soon. Note that any update regarding our business is communicated through our official channels. ^GN

SportPesa Care Hi Smart, SportPesa is a law-abiding corporate citizen that upholds all tax and regulatory requirements.


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