Why Kenyans love following the English Premier League


The English Premier League is undoubtedly the most followed league by Kenyan football fans. Millions of Kenyans follow the EPL every weekend and thereafter frequently hold debates discussing various results as they happened.

In fact, Kenyan football fans watch and follow the English premier league more than the Kenyan Premier League.

You will be surprised when a notorious Kenyan football fan fails to name the team that currently tops in the Kenyan Premier League but can comfortably arrange the current EPL table from first to last plus some in-depth analysis.

As a football pundit, who has been following EPL since 1999, I have highlighted some of the likely reasons why Kenyans love EPL below:

a) Professional, well  organized and coordinated structures

The EPL has got world-class stadiums, excellent training grounds and well-beefed security in and outside stadiums during, before and after matches.

Cases of hooliganism are seldom reported and if any, there are stern measures that are taken by the Football Association immediately. Some of the nice EPL stadiums include Etihad, Old Trafford, Anfield, New Wembley, Stamford Bridge, etc.

b) Extensive and up to date media coverage

Each and every game out of the 38 is properly analyzed by football legends and experts and streamed live regardless of the venue and time.

c) It is adequately financed

All teams have sponsors and they comfortably run their budgets and remunerate players well as well as putting in place appropriate logistics for the game.

d) It is an all-inclusive league.

It has quality footballers, coaches and technical staff from all parts of the world. For instance Sergio Aguero from Argentina, David Silva from Spain, Sadio Mane from Egypt, Paul Pogba from France, Victor Wanyama from Kenya, Harry Kane from England, Mohamed Salah from Egypt, among many more.

That is what makes football fans to spend a lot of money watching the EPL on weekends and sometimes midweek nights.



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